Lynn Terry’s Reflections

Lynn's PictureThirty-five years ago I was so moved by the Hemingway Camp Meeting experience that I stood and said, “If you didn’t have Hemingway Campground, you would have to build it.” All these years later I believe that statement to be more true that ever. The small town of Hemingway has been blessed with a rare jewel that is increasingly hard to find.  The Camp Meeting harkens us back to the days of our forefathers; to the pioneer days. When you step on the grounds at Hemingway you are instantly transported back to another time and era when life was at a slower pace and people mattered and cared more. It’s a special feeling.

The preaching and the singing: Oh, that wonderful preaching and singing. It brings the community together as nothing else can. There is, of course, the food, which doesn’t hurt any. But the total atmosphere of community is so refreshing you sense the presence of God in such a powerful way. Whether you’re alone under the tabernacle early in the morning or in a lively evening service with all the people praising God, you will experience His presence in a fresh and powerful way. That Holy presence is really what makes Hemingway Camp Meeting so wonderful.
I will see you under the Grace Lewis Tabernacle and we’ll have camp meeting.

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