Please note: No alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs are allowed on property. We have regular police surveillance.

$125.00/day for the cafeteria, $50.00 will be returned upon returning key if cafeteria passes inspection.
$75.00/day for the tabernacle
$40.00/day for each motel unit
$150.00/day for the boy’s dorm (can be used for girls retreat as well)

There is also an up-front partially refundable deposit of $150.00 to schedule all of the above facilities. If event is cancelled more than fifteen days before the event then $100.00 is to be refunded. If cancelled later than fifteen days before the event there is no refund.

To book the facilities contact Donna Fenters: Office: 843-380-1100, Home: 843-558-2071, Cell: 843-601-3913

A couple of notes to keep in mind: This is a primitive facility. The dormitory has no heat and air, only a huge exhaust fan. The motel units have window air conditioning units. The cafeteria has heat and air conditioning. So plans need to be for spring or fall. Also, the dormitories do not have locks on individual room doors. Remember this campground was initially set up for youth camp.